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 If you are looking for a custom built personal computer for a reasonable price, you are in luck.  We are a local minority owned, full service company, offering computer sales and service.  Think you cannot afford?  Give us a call.  We can build you a custom system from the basics to a super computer for an amount that is affordable to even the smallest household or business.  We specialize in Custom built PC's to your specifications, and we can help you or your business with networking needs.


Our company takes pride in customer satisfaction.  We want you to be happy with your computer purchase and offer complete customer support. All of our placements include 1-Year warranty on all parts and labor and a first year Annual Maintenance Agreement.  If you are inexperienced in operating your new PC, we can help you.  A customer should always feel free to call, if they have a question.  Upgrades are also available.  Bring us your old PC and let us look at your upgrade options.




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